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Oven fired bread - 16

garlic sauce

Smoked lamb - 29

smoked lamb, garlic sauce, pickled onion, mint

chilli prawn - 29

tomato, traditional mozzarella, prawn, pickled chilli, spring onion, chilli oil

The Pineapple Express - 27
tomato, traditional mozzarella, chargrilled pineapple, pancetta, ham
seasonal pizza - poa

chef special pizza, ask staff for details

Margherita - 25

traditional mozzarella, tomato, basil

Prosciutto - 29
prosciutto, tomato, traditional mozzarella, rocket, shaved parmesan
Pepperoni - 28
tomato, traditional mozzarella, pepperoni
Red pepper & artichoke - 27

roasted red pepper, traditional mozzarella, marinated artichoke, chilli, herbs, vegan xo
Add Vegan Soy Cheese $2.50

Due to the style of our pizza we are not able to use gluten free bases

Snacks & Share

Smoked Chicken Wings - 20

Alabama white BBQ sauce
Spicy, Gluten Free Available

Saku Tuna - 23
saku tuna (raw), avocado, lime, salsa matcha, tostada, edamame
Halloumi Bites - 18

beer battered halloumi, chilli maple syrup, herbs, smoked pumpkin seeds

Crispy Calamari - 19

smoked aioli, coriander, chilli, lemon
Gluten Free Available

buttermilk spuds - 15

twice cooked spuds, buttermilk dressing, herb salt, pickles

pork belly bites - 19
twice cooked crispy pork belly bites, mustard bbq sauce, rosemary pork crackling crumb
Buffalo Cauliflower Bites - 18

crispy battered cauliflower pieces, buffalo sauce, coriander

Polenta Bites - 17

crisp polenta, parmesan, truffle mascarpone
Vegetarian, Gluten Free Available

Loaded Fries - 18

smoked meaty bits, cheese sauce, bertie’s bbq sauce, spring onion
Gluten Free available

Grazing Platter - 52

selection of cured meats, cheeses, grilled bread, condiments, freeport garlic sauce

Burgers & Tacos

Straight up cheeseburger - 23
smashed beef patty, american cheese, american mustard, mcclure’s pickles, mayo, fries
Hot Chicken Burger - 27

southern fried chicken, shredded lettuce, tomato, onion, comeback sauce, fries

Veggie Burger - 26
veggie patty, caramelised onion, shredded lettuce, tomato, mayo, mcclure’s pickles, cheese, fries

FRIED chicken Tacos - 27

southern fried chicken, house slaw, comeback sauce, mcclure’s pickles

smoked brisket rueben - 26

rueben style sandwich, house made bread, mustard, onion, mcclure’s pickles, berties bbq sauce, cheese, spuds

Classic WAGYU Beef Burger - 27
smashed wagyu beef patty, american cheese, bacon, mcclure’s pickles, tomato, onion, shredded lettuce, burger sauce, mayo, fries
Fish Burger - 26
crispy beer battered fish, shedded lettuce, tomato, onion, tartare, mcclure’s pickles, fries (not available GF)
Fish Tacos - 25
crispy fish, house slaw, sriracha mayo, coriander, lemon
Veggie Tacos - 24

crispy cauliflower, buffalo sauce, house slaw, mclcure’s pickles, pickled onion

Dietary Requirements

Please let your server know if you have any relevant allergies or are coeliac

Gluten Free Bun options available $3


Half Rack St Louis Ribs - 42

glazed with bertie’s bbq sauce, spuds, house slaw
Gluten Free available

Pitmaster platter - 90

half rack ribs, brisket, smoked chicken wings, bertie’s bbq sauces, house slaw, spuds, dinner rolls
Serves 2+

  • ADD 2 ‘el jeffe’ bacon and maple sausage $19
  • ADD potato salad side $12
  • ADD belly bites $19
  • ADD loaded fries $18
  • ADD mac’n cheese $13
Angus Brisket - 37
14 hour smoked brisket, spuds, house slaw, bertie’s bbq sauce
Gluten Free available
The carnivore plate - 49
‘el jeffe’ bacon and maple sausage, sliced brisket, mustard bbq sauce, rosemary crumb, pickled veg vinaigrette, garlic bread, house salad

Classics & Salads

charred pork belly - 36

charred twice cooked pork belly, mustard glaze, crispy buttermilk spuds, broccoli, rosemary and pork crackling crumb
Gluten Free available

pub steak - 42

chargrilled scotch steak, house salad, pickled seasonal veg, spuds, garlic butter
Gluten Free available

Southern Fried Chicken & Chips - 28

southern fried chicken, house slaw, comeback sauce, fries, mcclure’s pickles
Gluten Free $3

Caesar Salad - 24
cos lettuce, classic caesar dressing, bacon, crumbed poached egg, olive oil croutons
Smoked Potato Salad - 22

potato, boiled eggs, baby gerkins, sweet corn kernels, edamame, carrot, cos lettuce, smoked aoili, herbs
Gluten Free available

add protein to your salad

ADD 100g grilled chicken $6
ADD 100g smoked salmon $10

prawn putanesca pasta - 29
fettuccine, marinated chilli prawns, parmesan, vegan XO, zucchini, herbs
Fish & chips - 28

beer battered fish, fries, house made tartare, side salad, lemon

Halloumi salad - 26

grilled halloumi, diced pumpkin, tricolour quinoa, kalamata olives, red onion, mesclun, maple vinaigrette
Gluten Free available

pear and rocket salad - 22

pear, rocket, pickled figs, iceburg lettuce, blue cheese, candied walnuts, balsamic glaze
Gluten Free available

smoked salmon bowl - 28

Hot smoked salmon cubes (served warm), brown rice, pickled vegetables, cherry tomatoes, edamame, teriyaki sauce, kewpie mayo
Gluten Free available


fries - 12

chicken salt, tomato sauce
Gluten Free available

Mac 'N' Cheese - 13

rosemary crumble

Garden salad - 11

white balsamic dressing
Vegan, Gluten Free available

Garlic sauce - 6

goes with… everything

BBQ Sauces – take home 3 for $40

Bertie's Classic BBQ 750ml - 15

this big number pairs deliciously with our brisket meal, and our St Louis pork ribs. It’s sweet and spicy and is the perfect companion for any BBQ meat dish!

Alabama White BBQ 750ml - 15

with a mayonnaise base and a touch of hot sauce, mustard and secret spices this sauce has a slight kick and cuts through smoke and oils in any meat dish.

Mustard BBQ 750ml - 15

with an American mustard base, mixed in with onion and garlic, black pepper, brown sugar and vinegar – this sauce gives a smooth, tangy and sweet flavour


apple pie - 15

stewed apple, short crust pasty base, creme fraiche, salted caramel, vanilla ice cream

warm chocolate brownie - 15

chocolate fudge sauce, raspberry compote, vanilla ice cream
Gluten Free available

basque cheesecake - 16
oven baked cheesecake, pastry crust, fig compote
old school sundae - 14

chocolate brownie pieces, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, cherry, wafer, served in a glass
Gluten Free available

Banoffee Cream Pie - 15

biscuit base, dulce de leche, sliced banana, whipped cream, chocolate
Gluten Free available

tiramisu - 16
traditional italian dessert with layers of mascarpone, coffee liqueur, savoiardi biscuits dusted with chocolate.
old school sundae - 14

chocolate brownie bits, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, cherry, wafer, served in a glass

Kids Menu – 12 and under

Fish n chips - 15

All kids meals come with our ICE CREAM SURPRISE

Cheese Burger and chips - 15

All kids meals come with our ICE CREAM SURPRISE

fettucine bolognese - 15

Vege option available
All kids meals come with our ICE CREAM SURPRISE

Chicken n chips - 15

All kids meals come with our ICE CREAM SURPRISE

Ham, cheese & pineapple pizza - 15

All kids meals come with our ICE CREAM SURPRISE

Upgrade to an old school sundae +7

chocolate brownie bits, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, cherry, wafer, served in a glass