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cleaver & co bayfair story

The Cleaver & Co values are founded on family and community.

With an unwavering belief in high quality service and delicious food with a warm, welcoming environment. As your hosts, Tim and Aaron, we met in 2008 while working for Lion breweries and we now have our own young families bringing a range of experience to share with you.

Our food focus is taking quality fresh ingredients, giving the time and attention they deserve to create dishes for all tastes and our chefs are dedicated to making the ultimate meal including our speciality BBQ.

cleaver & co bayfair story team
cleaver & co bayfair story our values

We have set a high standard of service based on the values we hold close. Providing a family friendly, genuine, welcoming atmosphere is at the heart of what we do, our visitors are our family.


Our team shares our personal purpose and respect for each other and our community. The difference is in the detail, looking for continuous improvement in our service delivery to you, our guests.


We value the creation of a memorable experience and as such are intentional in everything we do, from genuine engagements, greetings and serving of meals. We have a strong belief in genuine connections with our guests and within our own team, creating an inclusive space to enjoy each other’s company.


We have a team focus on service and quality, it is integral to what we do and creating a warm welcoming environment is a priority for us. Our team takes pride in delivering friendly and knowledgeable service.